Zo, Quanda, Nia, Jaida and Bella

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My hair is growing... I'm so excited....


Go Hottie with the Curls!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I LoVe My MoMmY !!!


I don't write much so I figure I would today. Well this week Zo starts teaching... he is way to excited too. Nia is trying to walk everywhere. She still hasnt got one tooth and she is 10 mnts and 2 wks. She is growing and getting prettier everyday. She is learning sign language she only knows how to say "more" in sign. She also blows kisses and play peek a boo. She tries to say "love you" and she actually does a great job at that. She looks more like my side of the family everyday. But she throws some of the crazy looks where you can see nothing but her father in her.
We are finally officially moved in and we love our new home. I've posted pics of the new home and Nia.

I just recieved a calling as the Enrichment Night Leader and i am way excited about it. It will keep me super busy with Nia and all. I will also be working in the Family History Center like once a week for a couple of hours if they let me take Nia with me... it is just to keep me busy and so they wont have to shut it down during that time.
Bingo on facebook has also been keeping me super busy it is so fun yet addictive.. its crazy how you start to feel older as you continue to play. I can only play at night after I've put Nia down for bed... thats the only time i wont be taken away from my game.
So saturday I had a girls night out in Salt Lake for a friends (Jill's) birthday bash.. can I say that it was way too much fun... no kids no husband.. it was awesome... m
et some way cool friends there who had me acting way to crazy!! (you know who you are:) You my girls though we'll have to have that fry-day soon... Well I'll keep everyone updated... (I'm so tired I dont know how I'll ever get so sleeeeepppp......................