Zo, Quanda, Nia, Jaida and Bella

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Wonderful Life

What a wonderful year it has been!! Its only the first month in the year and we have been so blessed. I am working full time as a Child Development Specialist and I love it. If a child 0-3 years old has trouble developing in a timely fashion I go in do some standardized testing and work with the child until there is progress. It is amazing to see a child who is 2 years old and not talking progress to speaking in 3 and 4 word sentences. Its an amazing job. Nia goes to pre-preschool during the day and she loves it. I hate not being able to be home with her but I see her doing the day also because a few of the toddlers I work with are in her class. But she is learning so much at such a fast pace its crazy. In this economy many families have to have 2 incomes.. just so happen the Lord has blessed me with a career that I love and worked so hard for (I did get a bachelors in Child Development why not use it right). To each his own.. I love it!! LaRenzo is still loving work and he's doing so good. We love our home and we will have been in it for a year.. can u believe that..our own home! Its just such a blessing to us that we were able to work so hard and pray even harder for where we are now.
We were thinking.. Is Tooele where we want to live forever?? We love the LDS community especially since we didnt grow up in a community like this. We want Nia to have good experiences and in a great community.. What do u think.. whats a good place to raise LDS kids where we wont have to worry about her being the only member in her school like I was?? We're open to hear suggestions??