Zo, Quanda, Nia, Jaida and Bella

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whats New in the New Year

We sure hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year. Just wanting to update everyone. We are not in our new home yet, there seems to be delays with the loan company due to holidays and misguided timing on their part. It sucks. but what can you do. By the time they told us it was being delayed until after the new year we had already packed up our home, took down our Christmas tree and packed up all of our Christmas presents, needless to say we were pissed!!! Well afterwards... our friends Jill and Aaron came to the rescue saving Christmas with two wonderful prelit Christmas trees so that we could at least have our trees. Its good to have wonderful friends especially ones you can vent to.. Thanks Jill, Tati, and Becca. Well Nia had the best christmas ever... she is so spoiled.. but she deserves it!! Shes surely a daddys girl!! Well we love our little family and all the laughs we share. I swear life would be boring without laughter.. and we do lots of that in this neck of the woods. Well we'll post some pics later... yeah when Christmas came around we were out of batteries for the camera so we had to video tape our Christmas this year!! That will come in handy when we make our video for our parents at the end of this year.. well I'm just rambling on. but its fun to do it. We'll keep yall updated on the home. Nia is getting so big she's about 15 months and she loves to eat.. she says "umm" to everything she eats.. it makes me excited to cook. Shes learning everyday she says "purple, duckie, baby, Quita-(the name of her black baby doll we spent months looking for her in utah),and she says "nana- (short for bananas)" She's such a smart baby. Well we start back work this monday. I'm taking on 2 jobs.. one at Utah State Extention in tooele with the IT team. I basically make sure that the broadcasting classes on Mon-Weds from 4:30-10:30pm are ran smoothly and I also have a job interview as a nursing assitant on thurs-sun helping 2 clients with down syndrome around their home.. its only for 2-5 hours a day, which i'm really excited for also.. both jobs are afternoon jobs which is a plus because we wont need a babysitter for Nia. Well thats whats going on with us for now.. Zo and I are more in love than ever.. we're going on 9yrs of being together and 3yrs of being married... and we're still so much in love....what a life!!