Zo, Quanda, Nia, Jaida and Bella

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well as if you haven't noticed yet.. I am a Twilight fan... what can I say... I love Edward!!!. Honestly I haven't read a book since High School... but I sat down and read Twilight and I couldnt stop until I read the last book!! I even read the start of Moonlight (I think that was the name of the book Stefanie started about Edwards experiece in the first book, unfortunatly shes not going to finish that book... so sad!!!) Well it took me a week to read all the books and the next week I read them over again... Yes Edward is my brand narcotic!!! Well besides Twilight.. life is good.. Nia is growing everyday and speaking new words continuously.. she says "bless you, thank you, love you, pray, sorry, she counts to 3, she knows A B C, she says grandma, papa, and my favorite... beat yo butt!" She is a trip and a half... Dad is good he loves school and continues to support us in every way possible.. Not to mention Nia has him wrapped around her little fingers... I need to learn so techniques from her.. maybe if I pooped in my pants... cried when I was hungry and spit milk in his face I would get my way too!! What do you think??? Naw.. might not work after all.. her probably would think I was crazier than I really am! Well we found a new home here in tooele and hopefully we will be closing on it this week... we love it so much.. 5 bdrm and a basement that Zo can finish and its in a wonderful neighborhood!! Right behind Walmart... Yeah!! We knew this would be our home when we walked into Nia's room and she said "ohh..wee" Her room is huge with a beautiful playhouse and a slide on it... she's going to have so much fun in there!! We are so excited to open that new chapter in our lives. Well I sure cant believe I'm turning 25 in eight days... (well I guess those of you who know me better know I lied... so what I'm turning 26.. whose counting... if you are... you probably need a life... haahahaha) So I'll be turning 25:). It crazy how time flies by huh... Well I'll do better at updating... but as of now I'm reading Host by Stephanie Meyer.. and its taking a little longer to get into it than I expected... but I'm going to go read now!! We pray for all our family and friends and we hope youre doing well..