Zo, Quanda, Nia, Jaida and Bella

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Family Adventures.

So as you all know, I am a slacker... but in my defense I'm starting alot of new things in my life like.... uhhh... wellllll... anyway Nia is doing great she is starting to walk alot.. two days ago it was 5 steps.. tonight it was 13.. go baby go.. I cant believe she will be 1yr old next tuesday.. my growing baby. Larenzo is loving school and teaching he is now teaching choir, guitar and doing all the plays as of now!! what a day it is for him!! I will be starting a new at home job for O'Currance Teleservices based in SLC. I'm excited for that and able to make a little bit of money to help out with the bills. MOMS ya'll know how that is. Well I have a calling in relief society which has been an adventure.. I am the enrichment night leader and we have huge activities and the last was what we would call in the South "A hoe down" but here it was a "Conglomerashun" yeah go figure... It was way fun though.. we did a entire meal and play laid out it was so funny and my girls Jill and Tati played a role in it and let me tell you they were so bad mother... shut yo mouth!!!! hahaha... (yeah my hubby thinks I laugh to myself alot!!) thanks ladies for being a part in that for me!! Well I'll catch up some more later but i wanted yall to know i was still alive